Pray Simi 2018

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Over the four weeks leading up to Easter, we are making a commitment to pray for our city. Read below and find out how you can participate in this important season for our church and city.


As a means to better shape our prayers and hear God’s heart for our city, plan to pray onsite with insight. Instead of praying at home or the church, plan to go to locations (city offices, specific schools, walk your neighborhood, walk neighborhoods with other ethnicities, places you frequent). The goal is to pray for what you see and let God reveal what you don’t. This is not intended to make a public statement about prayer. It is about hearing the voice of God communicate the heart of God for our city. Pray privately, silently and with your eyes and heart open.


  • Pray for the apparent needs in our city
  • Pray for God to reveal the hidden needs in our city
  • Respond to the Lord’s personal prompting on how to meet the needs in our city


Week 1 (Mar 4): City Officials – Mayor, City Council, City Workers, Police, Fire

Week 2 (Mar 11): Schools – High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Students, Teachers, Administration

Week 3 (Mar 18): Neighborhoods – Neighbors

Week 4 (Mar 25): People Groups – People in our city from different ethnicities