MARRIAGE: Assembly Required – Saturday, November 14 – 9am to 12pm

Marriage Event

There is a myth about marriage that we sometimes believe is true. This myth…that your marriage is perfect, and then, somehow over time, things begin to fall apart. We try to recapture the passion that brought us to together, longing to go back to the start, wondering where things went wrong. The truth about marriage is quite the opposite of this myth. Marriage is like going to the dealership to purchase a car and after making a huge investment, the dealer doesn’t deliver a fully assembled car,  but the parts of the car in boxes. This is like the first day of your marriage…pieces of a relationship that require assembly. Marriage is the journey of taking the parts of the car and learning together how to assemble them over a lifetime.

This marriage seminar provides some simple tools to help you in the assembly process. Whether you are preparing for marriage or have been married for years, Marriage: Assembly Required will be a benefit to you and your spouse.

The seminar is free and you can register below. Childcare is provided. When registering for childcare, please include the number and ages of your children.