Consecrate slide

As we embrace our new identity, we are walking through this season of consecration in preparation for our future. Throughout the month of May, we will be focusing on different aspects of consecration in our lives. Each week we will be reflecting through prayer and fasting, surrendering ourselves to the new creation God is shaping in us. Below you will find specific information about the details of the fast and how you can participate. 


  • Fasting is choosing to forgo something important in your life in order to give your full attention to Jesus in prayer.
  • When fasting food, set up a reasonable schedule for consistent times of forgoing food according to your physical ability. It could be a complete fast, one meal a day, one meal a week or even a specific type of food. If you are unable to forgo eating, find something else valuable that you are able to give for the fast.
  • The purpose of the fast is to confess our sin, receive forgiveness, turn away from what we used to be and embrace the future that God is shaping in us.
  • Write down your thoughts, reflections and points of repentance during this season. Start a journal to record the ways God is at work in your life so that you have a reference point for the future.

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