Water Baptism


Why every follower of Jesus should be baptized…

Water baptism is to Christianity what a wedding is to marriage. When a couple is joined together in a wedding ceremony, it is the result of their love and commitment which is already present in both of them. The wedding is the outward culmination of their heart’s commitment and love for each other. It gives place for their community of friends and family to witness their commitment and love to each other.

Water baptism is the outward demonstration of our inward commitment that we have surrendered our lives to Jesus. This is done before our community of believers (the church), friends and family to make known our commitment and allegiance to Jesus. Just as a wedding does not cause a man and a woman to love each other, but demonstrates they do…so water baptism does not cause us to be saved, but demonstrates that we are.

The pattern of following Jesus throughout the book of Acts was demonstrated by being baptized in water by immersion. In Acts 2:42, Luke writes that after people embraced the message about Jesus, they were baptized. Story after story in Acts (the history of the start of the church) highlights baptism in water for those who chose to follow Jesus. Even Jesus Himself was baptized by John the Baptist as an example of how we should follow Him.

Baptism provides two important reminders in our journey to know and follow Jesus. First, it symbolizes our identification with Jesus in His death and resurrection. As we are lowered in the water, it is like death or the grave…dying to an old way of thinking and living. As we are lifted up out of the water, it symbolizes a resurrection to a new way life. Second, water baptism establishes a marker in time of our outward celebration of surrendering our lives to follow Jesus. It reminds us and others that we belong to Jesus and are members in God’s family.

If you have made a commitment to follow Jesus, but have yet to experience the celebration of public water baptism, you can do so this month. Baptisms are performed in our gatherings on the 4th Sunday of each month with an essential class held the week before on the 3rd Sunday. You can register for the class and baptism by filling out the form below. After registering, you will be contacted with further details and information.

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