Six Hours – Friday, April 3

Six Hours Pic

Jesus suffered on the cross for six hours before He surrendered Himself on our behalf as a payment for our sin. As we remember what happened on Good Friday, take time to reflect on the pain, power and impact of what Jesus did for us through His death. We can only truly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday when we first remember the crucifixion of Jesus on Friday. The Worship Center will be open from 12 to 6pm this Friday, April 3 for reflection. You are welcome to come at anytime during those hours. Communion will be available. If you are unable to participate in the hours of reflection on Good Friday in the Worship Center, you can do so at home using the instructions below.

CONCEPT – In the six hours that Jesus hung on the cross, He accomplished something that will last for eternity…our forgiveness and salvation. “Six Hours” is a time and space for you to reflect on what Christ has done for us.

REFLECTION – Read John 19:1-42 – Consider all that Jesus experienced on our behalf. Take the opportunity to confess your sin that was paid for and forgiven by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.


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