2015 Mission Trips

MIssion Trip 2015 graphic test

A new year is upon us and with it comes new opportunities to stretch ourselves to engage God’s mission for the world. Everyone is called to represent Jesus. For many people stepping out of their comfort zone by joining a mission trip is a dynamic and life changing way God changes their perspective on what it means to follow and represent Him.

You have exciting opportunities in 2015 to participate in a New Hope mission trip! Info meetings will take place on Sunday, January 18 at 1pm for all three upcoming mission trips. You can choose the trip you’re interested in and go hear more details.

This year’s mission trips include the following:

1. Dream Center One-Week – This team led by Steve Schmitt will travel to inner-city Los Angeles to partner with the various ministries of the Dream Center. The ministry team will stay on-site for the week and each day will join a different ministry to impact LA in all kinds of creative ways. You may have experienced Adopt-A-Block with New Hope, but now you get to immerse yourself in all the ways the Dream Center is reaching the city. This trip is taking place June 15-20.

2. Brazil – This team led by Bob Brooks will join the Joni & Friends’ Wheels for the World team brining wheel chairs and mobility aids to the handicapped of under resourced families. The team custom fits hundreds of devices for the unique needs of individuals and in the process gets the opportunity to share the love and message of Jesus Christ. This trip is taking place June 1-9.

3. Haiti – New Hope is returning to Haiti to continue our partnership with Greg Barshaw and Connect 2 Ministries. This year the team, led by Jon Looney, will be staying at the ministry compound that last year’s team helped to build. Now that the compound is nearing completion, the focus is turning outward to reach the surrounding area. This team will be leading a VBS each day and in the evenings will host a family camp for the families in the Onaville settlement. This is a difficult but life-changing trip! This trip is taking place July 24-August 1.

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