The Missional Quest

Missional Quest Graphic

As we continue to move forward in following and becoming like Jesus, we are always opening our eyes to understand how He is at work in our lives and our community. As we know, our culture has shifted. Historitically, the church has expected people to cross the religious boundary and come into the church to encounter God. This boundary has become a barrier for most. Since God is a missionary God and we are His missionary people, He has called us to cross the boundary into our culture to help people encounter Him.

The video and book below are great resources in this extremely important journey toward living out mission in our everyday lives (we apologize for the poor video quality…but the content is excellent). The Missional Quest written by Lance Ford and Brad Brisco, is a pracitcal guide to understand the nature of God, the condition of our culture and our role in impacting others to be reconciled back to God through Jesus. Take about a half an hour or so and watch the video or take the next step and read the book and embrace the shift God wants for us individually and as a church family.




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