Community Groups

Community Groups Logo

Community Groups are the primary way the people of New Hope connect for  discipleship. The term “discipleship” simply refers to the process of learning to follow Jesus in every area of life.

Discipleship happens best in the context of close personal relationship. Community Groups provide an opportunity for people to grow together as they challenge each other to follow Jesus.

Jesus invites followers not only to come and learn, but to go and be His good news in the world. His Spirit is already active in our neighborhoods and workplaces, but He invites us to partner with Him to represent His love. Community Groups gather together to study and pray, but they also scatter together to build relationships with the community by serving in practical ways.

Community Groups are not just one option in a host of programs at New Hope; they are the primary way people receive care, support, discipleship, and mentoring. Whether you are just starting your faith journey or have followed Jesus for years, Community Groups are where we grow and live out our faith together.

We encourage you to check out the groups, challenge yourself to try something new, and follow Jesus in community with others. Please CLICK HERE to see a list of groups you can join today.

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