Women’s Chasing Daylight Sessions

4th Mondays of the month @ 7pm
Momentum, traction and change are essential to moving forward in following Jesus and living a life of meaning and purpose. Chasing Daylight is a 9-month (meeting once per month on the 4th Monday) journey to move our lives from neutral to movement and action. To participate, register and purchase the book at the Resource Center and read the chapter listed below for the next session.
September 22 – Chapter 1: Choices – Choose to Live
October 27 – Chapter 2: Initiative – Just Do Something
November 24 – Chapter 3: Uncertainty – Know You Don’t Know
December 22 – Chapter 4: Influence – Breathe In, Breathe Out
January 26 – Chapter 5: Risk – Live Before You Die, and Vice Versa
February 23 – Chapter 6: Advance – Go Unless You Get a No
March 23 – Chapter 7: Impact – Leave a Mark
April 27 – Chapter 8: Movement – Ignite a Reaction
May 25 – Chapter 9: Awakening – Wake the Dead

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