Understanding Persecution

persecuted church 0410

This past Sunday (6-29-14) we walked through Matthew 10:16-23 and focused on the resistance to Jesus’ mission.  Persecution is not something that we deal with often, but always need to be prepared for as we follow Jesus.  Since the establishment of the Church in the Book of Acts, God has used persecution to mature His followers and spread the Gospel. Below are a few resources to reflect on and educate ourselves on the presence and purpose of persecution in our world.

Pastor Josef Tson – I played a brief clip by Romanian Pastor Josef Tson who experienced great persecution under a communist government. He explains how God taught him the purpose behind persecution and death. The clip begins around 35:00, but the entire message is definitely worth watching.

The Voice of the Martyrs – This site gives updated information about persecution around the world.

 The Persecuted Church – Contains resources and organizations that are serving the persecuted church globally. As well, you can check out the details regarding the annual International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Pastor John Amstutz



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